Microsoft Cloud Project Premonition Customer Story

This cloud turns tiny insects into big data. The cloud reduces the time it takes to scan DNA by 95%.
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This cloud turns tiny insects into big data.
“Technology can inspire and ignite change and renewal.”

- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

The Challenge

Disease outbreaks happen fast. With massive data sets and limited computing power, tracking, responding to and analysing disease can take researchers up to two weeks.

How can the Microsoft Cloud help researchers capture and analyse big data to speed up the identification of outbreaks?

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The Solution & Benefit

Microsoft and its partners are turning mosquitoes into field biologists. With data collected from animals that the mosquitoes bite, the Microsoft Cloud takes just 12 hours to complete 7 trillion genomic comparisons that help determine where viruses come from and how they spread.

Machine Learning

New smart traps capture mosquitoes by using Machine Learning within the Microsoft Cloud to recognise the distinct patterns their wings make while flying.

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Advanced Analytics

Researchers use advanced algorithms to analyse DNA samples 20x faster and cross-reference with data from smart traps to unlock insights.

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The Microsoft Cloud is helping researchers detect the spread of new viruses early so that one day we may stop outbreaks before they begin.

Can the Microsoft Cloud help fight disease?

By combining cloud-scale computing, mosquito traps, and drone technology, we can change the way we think about research and public health.