Microsoft Cloud Temenos Customer Story

This cloud opens doors of opportunity. This cloud helped Temenos bring banking to 10 million people in just 2 years.
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This cloud opens doors of opportunity.
"Technology is about breaking down barriers, removing limitations so that every person has access to opportunity."

- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

The Challenge

2 Billion underbanked people

How can Temenos help enable microfinance organizations to give more people access to banking?

The Solution & Benefit

90% decrease in cost of borrowing

By putting their core banking software in the cloud, microfinance institutions were able to lower the cost of borrowing by 90%.


Enabling Temenos employees to work together in real time across the globe.

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Empowering Temenos to bring scalable, affordable core banking solutions to microfinance organizations.

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Watch how Temenos became the first to run a core banking solution in the cloud.

Trust and security

Ben Robinson, CMO of Temenos, talks about how they rely on the cloud to ensure their data is safe.

Improved scaling

Temenos relies on the Microsoft Cloud which allows for almost infinite scalability.